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FNS40815_ FNSSAM403 Assessment 3 Answers Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking


FNSFMB403 Present broking options to client
Unit Description This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to collect information, conduct relevant research and develop and present broking options to clients.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Gather relevant information
  • Prepare appropriate options
  • Present options to clients
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Obtain agreement to proceed


Activity 1

Explain the difference between up-selling and cross-selling, using financial service products as examples.

Activity 1 Answer



Activity 2

Explain some of the advantages of active listening.

Activity 2 Answer



Activity 3

What benefits does relationship marketing offer to banks?

Activity 3 Answer



Activity 4

Identify some ethical issues which might arise for someone selling financial service products and services.

Activity 4 Answer



Activity 5

After hearing the story of the overall value of permanent life insurance, clients will most likely have specific questions, which boil down to three main objections:  affordability, education and procrastination. What strategies might you use to overcome these objections?

Activity 5 Answer



Activity 6

Identify some tools and strategies to become a successful customer relationship marketing manager.

Activity 6 Answer



Activity 7

Why is it important for banks to adopt CRM technology?

Activity 7 Answer



Activity 8

Why have many banks adopted the strategy “Know your customer”?

Activity 8 Answer




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