CPPREP4001 Work in the Real Estate Industry Report Assignment Help


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Number of Words: 3000


CPPREP4001 Work in the Real Estate


1. Real estate agency structure and personnel


You must address legislative liabilities and responsibilities (refer to appropriate sections of
the relevant Act for your state or territory) to answer the following;


1.1 Identify the various business ownership options


1.2 Identify the services offered by real estate agencies


1.3 Provide an outline of a typical organisational structure for a real estate agency.


1.4 Provide an overview of agency staff roles and responsibilities including administration, agents and agent’s representatives and management.


1.5 Identify and explain the agency-principal relationship.


1.6 Identify parties to the following real estate transactions;
a) Contract for Sale of House and Land
b) General Tenancy Agreement;
c) Agency Agreement (Appointment of Agent);


1.7 Explain the agency’s obligations in relationship to sharing their commissions/licence
lending as outlined in the legislation for your state/territory.


1.8 What are the repercussions for agents/agencies performing real estate activities whilst
being unlicensed? Refer to the relevant section(s) of the legislation in your answer.


2. Key Agencies and Industry Bodies.


Provide a detailed overview of the following agencies (refer to your own state or territory
where required), including any legislative powers they have.


2.1 Consumer Affairs (VIC)/Fair trading (QLD & NSW)/Consumer Protection (WA)


2.2 Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VIC, NSW & QLD / State Administrative Tribunal


2.3 Estate agent’s council/property board/Industry Body


2.4 Residential tenancies bond authority/board


2.5 Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA).


3. Legislative requirements


3.1 Identify the legislation that regulates the real estate industry, including property sales
and management.


3.2 What are legislative licensing and eligibility requirements for a) administration staff, b)
principal agents, c) salespeople and d) property managers?


3.3 Name the equal opportunity and anti-discrimination principles and laws applicable to
real estate and explain how they apply to day to day real estate activities.


4. Ethical and professional conduct standards (Code of Practice)


4.1 Identify and name the legislation relating to ethics and professional conduct of real
estate agents.

Students should demonstrate knowledge of the standards relevant to their state or


4.2 Discuss the objective of the regulations set out the standard of conduct expected of
licensees and real estate salespersons in their day-to-day dealings with clients (sellers and
landlords) and consumers (buyers and tenants).


4.3 What are the obligations contained in this legislation?


4.4 Research and examine the foundation for ethical practice applicable to real estate and
explain its relationship to ethical behaviour.


5. Employment Agreements


5.1 Name and explain the types of employment arrangements that are commonly applied
in the real estate industry.


5.2 What is the purpose of the National Employment Standards in reference to employers
and employee rights and responsibilities.


5.3 What are the employers’ responsibilities regarding employment arrangements in real


5.4 What are the employee responsibilities regarding employment arrangements in real


6. Communication Strategies


6.1 Identify and detail (3) communication strategies/skills that are required for professional
practice in real estate to build client relationships.


6.2 Identify and explain communication strategies which can be used to address client


7. Continuing Professional Development


7.1 Research and explain regulatory requirements for continuing professional development
for real estate personnel.


7.2 Identify and record 3 opportunities and priorities for continuing professional


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