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Assignment Details:-

Number of Words: 4000


Human Resource Management


Please answer the following questions in an essay format:


  1. The main aim of human resource management is to align HR practices with organization strategies to achieve higher performance and organizational success. Elaborate the role of the HR Department in achieving this goal by highlighting the relationship between HR strategy and business strategy.


  1. ‘Organizations need to do more in terms of developing a strong employee value proposition if they are to engage and retain their best talent’. Discuss the validity of the statement and provide key priorities HR leaders need to develop and strengthen.



  • For each answer you have a word limit of a minimum 1500 to a maximum 2000 words.
  • For each question you have to develop an essay-type answer drawing on the course material.
  • You are required to draw on relevant textbooks/journal articles available on the Reading List, as well as other relevant sources.
  • You are required to use citations and in-text references in order to develop and support your arguments.


Criteria for assessment

  1. The structure, clarity, scope/specificity and justification of analysis. Attention to all of the formatting requirements.
  2. The ability to address the question comprehensively through a systematic argument that supports a particular position.
  3. Knowledge of theories and concepts introduced during the course, use of the course’s essential readings (textbooks and/or academic journal articles), and evidence of further readings.
  4. Relevance to the material/topics discussed during HRM lectures.
  5. Critical thinking and using arguments for/against relevant theories and concepts in support of the answers.


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