CHCCCS011 Meet Personal Support Needs Case Study Final Assessment-2 Homework Help


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Final Assessment-2 CASE STUDY/Project Assessment:

1. What is the Care Plan? Why is it important to review personal support care plan to understand the needs of the patient?


2. If you find the client is unable to transfer as directed in the care plan, what would you do?


3. What procedure would you follow if you notice equipment is faulty as per WHS policy?


4. How will you assess the client’s level of participation in meeting their personal needs?


5. Why is it important to provide support or assistance according to the personal care plan and organisation policies, protocols and procedures?


6. Perform work to the standard required by the organization. Give 3 examples of legislation and regulations that have to be followed at the workplace.


7. What are some of the variations that need to be taken into account when giving assistance with personal care needs?


8. Why is it important to Report variations and concerns about the client’s health to the supervisor?


9. Name 3 three of the aids and processes outside the skills and knowledge of general caregivers.


10. A patient wants to be showered, and you are AIN who is looking after him on the morning shift of day 5. Nurses care manual states he is for a shower, and you have noted that he has grown a beard as well. You have showered, washed hair, attended oral hygiene, and shaved. Complete the Personal Care Chart for the patient. Encircle the corresponding letter to the care provided.


11. If noted any changes to the care plan, you are required to document the variations or changes in the progress notes. Below is the attached progress notes. What would you write?

Situation: While showering the resident at 0800, you noticed a skin tear on the left shin. It is around 2-3 cm in size and there is the presence of a small amount of thin, watery, pale red to pink discharge.