CHCCCS011 Meet Personal Support Needs Case Study Final Assessment-1 Answers


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  1. lientWhy is the c’s level of participation important in meeting their personal care needs?

      2. Give three (3) examples of personal support requirements that may be included in a personal care support plan?

     3. Define If you have identified this condition in a patient whom would you report to and who is the allied health professional would you refer to?

     4. Sometimes people experience discomfort when receiving types of personal care like help with dressing, or receiving a bed-bath or changing a catheter. Give an example of the types of emotions a person may feel if they are receiving personal care and why is it important to confirm the client’s preferences and choice.

     5. List 2 signs and 2 symptoms of dehydration. Why is it important to ensure hydration and nutrition of a patient?

     6. Give an example of how you have had to consider the specific cultural needs of a person while providing personal care to someone in your workplace.

     7. When providing personal care, you need to be aware of situations of risk or personal risks (personal safety) that may be associated with the provision of support. Give two examples of situation of risk or personal risk that you may encounter:

     8. Give an example of a home environmental hazard. What documents would you fill and whom
would you report it to if you wish to work in client’s own home?

    9. Give three (3) examples of equipment, processes and aids that may be used in care settings
to help provide assistance and promote independence?

     10. A person’s care plan may require you to provide support or assistance with technical care activities. Give two (2) examples of technical skills you may need to have knowledge of when providing support to meet personal care needs:

    11. If you have identified variations that may be required to a person’s care plan, you need
to report them to your supervisor. Give two (2) examples that need to be reported.

     12. Discuss examples of how privacy should be maintained and promoted. Enumerate four (4).

     13. On admission, a client’s height is 175cm and the weight is 70kg. Calculate the body mass index (BMI) of a patient and where do you record the results?

Formula : BMI = Body weight in (kg)
Height in (m2)

     14. A client you are looking after has MRSA and VRE. What are MRSA and VRE and what are the additional precautions you had to take?

     15. You are the nurse assisting a patient and needs to use a lifter and has noted that
the lifter is new and you didn’t use it before. What would you do?

     16. Why is oral hygiene of a patient-important? What is the impact of poor oral hygiene on the patient’s general health?

     17. If a client is having frequent falls, whom would you report, what are the forms you complete and some of the techniques you would use to minimise the risk of falls?

   18. List ways on how to assist client’s with information about their care needs and
health requirements.

    19. Explain briefly in your own words why is it important to comply with organisational reporting and recording requirements.

   20. According to policy and protocols of an organization, during a shift, what pieces of documentation (written or computerised) are carers responsible for? Where would you file those documents?