BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Assessment Help

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BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1500






As a result of your previous Case Study, you are now to prepare a comprehensive Team Performance Management Plan.  This plan is intended to deliver outcomes, as referred to in your previous case study.


Reflect on your previous (Case Study) submission and undertake research to identify the different approaches to team management.   Assume any information you require.  The plan must clearly define the name and nature of the business, strategies to be implemented, and value and the benefits for implementing this plan.


Identify and list all stakeholders, and clearly define their roles and responsibilities in engaging and supporting the implementation of the plan.



For any team you have access to, or choose to create yourself – please undertake the following activities.  Ensure you provide a comprehensive description of the team (or refer to the one in the case study).

1.      Establish team performance plan – including roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and KPI’s

2.      Describe how you would develop team cohesion and team work, ensure you address the following:

How the team can  understand their roles and have support to reach their goals:

•        Explain why is it important all members of the team help with decision making and taking responsibility for their role

•        Define and detail positive and negative behaviour be addressed in the group (create these, where required)

•        Discuss and provide reasons for and strategies to promote role models within the team

3.      Describe comprehensive liaison and engagement strategies with stakeholders.  Ensure you address the following:

•        Different methods for communicating with stakeholders, and an explanation as to how this should be agreed.

•        The importance of providing a “contact person” to pass information between the team and management and vice versa.  Discuss how this person is to be identified and appointed.

•        Explain different types of problems, and strategies to be applied to manage these.

•        Reflect on costs and different types of risks to be managed in the process

•        State the anticipated ROI for the organisation, if the above actions are successful.


Please ensure you attach evidence to demonstrate you have performed each of these. For example; role descriptions.


Quality outcomes


Ensure that your submission is (i) grammatically correct (ii) error-free (iii) in simple English (iv) comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence with, (vi) separate headings and paragraphs for each new content/topic for discussion.   Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined and explained.


Attach any models, tools, resources which could be used in an organisation to improve the situation presented. (Examples here, where possible).  (Tip:  Read all text aloud to identify any gaps and correct, and ask another person to proofread to check for accuracy – before you submit).


Your document should comprise of:


(i)      Introduction (an overview of the situation, what you are trying to achieve and your intended outcomes.  Refer to the format required, which is a comprehensive report.


(ii)     Body (or most significant part of the presentation, with key details).  Please do not use the word “body” as a heading.  This is the largest part of your submission.  Use headings that are relevant, include templates, tools and charts where appropriate.  For each heading, discuss and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of this unit.  Reflect on what you have learned.  Refer to risks, costs (if relevant), legislation, models, or templates or resources that you are aware of, and then finally,


(iii)    Conclusion (or recommendations).  Use an appropriate heading and then state actions which could be taken to ensure correct completion and finalisation.


The document is to contain a minimum of 1,500 words in total.  Any attachments should not be included in the word count.


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