Demonstrate the Skills and Knowledge Required for Recruitment, Selection and Induction


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff
  • Code: BSBHRM405
  • Words: 2000


Assignment Task :-


What you have to do

The assignment for the unit BSBHRM405 Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff has only one case scenario based task in it, covering all the requisites elements of the unit.


Task Information

In this task you have to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to execute tasks associated with the recruitment selection and induction cycle and ensuring that it is executed and complies with all the relevant regulatory and legislative bodies.

  1. The following assignment need not focus on any one practice, organisation or business.
  2. If you are currently employed then you may structure your responses using examples from that employment; or you may respond using experiences from a previous employment, or a combination of one or more.
  3. If you are not employed then your responses would include what you would see as most appropriate for that question, as if you were employed. You can also research a workplace of your choice to respond to each of the questions and may use examples from personal and/or social experiences if relevant to the question.


Case scenario                    

You are a HR manager of the Mansfield Park Private Hospital. You have been advised to manage the recruitment, selection and induction of a newly created position of nursing unit Manager (NUM) in the hospital .This acute care hospital has 100 beds and 300 employees in total. The organisation has plans to expand its day surgery unit. To manage this task, you have to follow the following three steps:


Step 1: Prepare for recruitment

  1. Conduct a job analysis clarifying need and purpose of the new position, timeline for the whole process and requirements for appointment
  2. Who would you consult in the recruitment  planning process
  3. Name all the relevant legislations that would be considered during the planning of recruitment process
  4. Develop a job description in consultation with relevant departmental Manager, ensuring that job description complies with legislative requirements and reflect the organisation’s requirements for a diverse workforce
    (You may choose to use the Job description format as provided at the end of this task or may choose to develop your own format)
  5. Whom would you take approval to advertise for the position


Step 2: Plan for selection

  1. What medium(s) or channels would you use to advertise this position internal and external to the organisation?
  2. Create a job advertisement for the vacant position. Ensure the advertisement complies with the AIDA principle.
  3. List the activities you need to complete in planning the interview.
  4. How would you develop a selection panel and who would be the relevant personnel to convene selection panel
  5. Create a list of possible selection methods that could be used to in the selection process and select the most appropriate according to the relevance to this position.
  6. Create a list of at least 6 questions in consultation with selection panel; you intend to ask the applicants if they are invited for an interview.
  7. Name all the relevant legislations that would be considered during the planning of selection process
  8. Develop a table of selection criteria to be used for culling or initial shortlisting and assist selection panel in shortlisting
    You may choose to use below format:

    •       Applicant A •       Applicant B •       Applicant C •       Applicant D •       Applicant E •       Applicant F
    Effective leadership skills including highly developed skills in

    communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and


    •       Yes •       NO •       Yes •       Yes •       NO •       NO
    •       Knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation, industrial agreements, standards, codes, ethics and competency standards •       NO •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       NO •       Yes
    Ability to be creative, innovative and flexible when approaching

    issues within the healthcare setting.

    •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes
    •       Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or equivalent •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       NO •       Yes •       No
    •       Experience of leading a team and managing people effectively to achieve required outcomes and results. •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       NO •       NO •       Yes
    •       Demonstrated ability to foster a workplace environment that develops staff potential. •       Yes •       Yes •       Yes •       NO •       NO •       Yes
  9. How would you advise shortlisted candidates on interview process


Step 3: Conducting interview/assessment for selection

  1. Detail the steps that you would follow during an interview process
  2. How would you assess each candidate with selection panel in taking the selection decision
  3. How would you do the reference check and create reference checklist/questions that you would use to conduct employment reference checks on the successful applicant.
  4. Prepare a brief selection report for senior management outlining the outcomes of interview and recommendation for selected candidate
  5. Explain how would you advise unsuccessful candidates about the interview  outcome and respond to their queries in regards to their performance
  6. Develop a letter of offer advising candidate of their success. Ensure this letter contains all information the candidate will require to make their


Step 4: Induction process

  1. Develop a final employment contract agreement for candidate

Assume your successful candidate has accepted and is now ready to commence in this new position.

  1. Develop an outline for a formal induction program for the new employee and Advise manager and work team of new appointment
  2. Create an induction checklist that includes all pre-employment initiatives that should be implemented and paperwork that needs to be prepared and completed


For step 1 ( 3) Sample Job description

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION




POSITION Nurse Unit Manager
DEPARTMENT Emergency Department
REPORTS TO Campus Manager Acute/Aged/Hopetoun (depending on location)
DATE 20/2/21



The Nurse Unit Manager  is responsible for leading the health care team to provide safe and high quality evidence based clinical care for residents or clients in accordance with the care plan developed in collaboration with the resident or client, their medical officer and other members of the care team.



  • Registered Nurse with APHRA
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships with stakeholders including team members, residents, clients and family members



  • Lead, manage, direct and support the care team to ensure that care is delivered with a team member’s scope of practice, is evidence based and is safe and high quality in line with policies and protocols



  • Act in accordance with the NSW WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulation 2012 and the WHS Management System.



  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of, and commitment to, equal employment opportunity principles and anti-discrimination law in the workplace.



  • Provide an efficient support role to other positions within the section.



  • Relevant experience in accordance with requirements of Job Description.



  • As per Mansfield Park Private Hospital’s Performance Management System.

All tasks are undertaken in a proficient and timely manner including demonstrated use of initiative in undertaking designated tasks.

  • Working knowledge of positions within the section and Mansfield Park Private Hospital overall are developed to provide support and assistance on as required basis.



Department Manager Mary Jones



Date 22/02/21


NAME  John Peterson

Hospital Director


Date 22/02/21



I have:        

  • answered all questions in the space provided
  • clearly identified my answers



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