Microbiology and Immunology Assessment Questions and Solutions


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Assignment Details:

Words: 1500


Task description of the assignment:


Students will need to use the theories of applied microbiology and immunology to develop solutions to practical situations. 


Students will:

(i) identify key issues and problems from the topic,

(ii) research and link the problems to relevant theories,

(iii) develop solutions that lead to actionable recommendations.


Needs to have a logical flow and a clear, concise introduction/conclusion. The workshop assessment allows you an opportunity to display your growing understanding of microbiology and immunology and its significance in current society. 



Considerable public confusion has arisen as to the best vaccine to prevent COVID-19 transmission or if to be vaccinated?


• Which COVID-19 vaccines are currently available (consider only those which have completed at least phase 2 trials)?


• How do COVID-19 vaccines differ in how they are formulated? (e.g. sub-unit, attenuated, mRNA, recombinant protein etc.)


• What safety concerns have been raised for different COVID-19 vaccines? (e.g. safe to use for all age groups to be immunised, women who are pregnant, use with immunocompromised individuals (e.g. those with HIV, on medication for cancer or anti-rejection drugs used in transplantation), risks with new vaccine types, need for cold chain documentation, logistical problems with supply and delivery)


• Are the initial reported efficacy values provided for COVID-19 vaccines of any value?


• Is the ability of a COVID-19 vaccine to induce herd immunity important in the first instance? Explain your reasoning and include reference to the percentage of the population that would need to be immunised to achieve herd immunity


• Challenges with vaccination (e.g. proof of immunisation and sera-conversion, effectiveness of vaccines against strains with mutations (alpha, beta, delta, lambda variants), possible counterfeit and black-market supply)


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