CHCDIS008 Facilitate Community Participation and Social Inclusion


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Assessment Task 1 – Written Questions

Question 1

What are four questions you can ask a client in order to gain information abouttheir strengths, interests, abilities and support requirements?


Question 2

How does societal attitudes on disabilities impact on access to communityprograms for people with disabilities?


Question 3

What are five sources of information that you and your client can utilise to findinformation relating to community activities, programs or study opportunities inthe area?


Question 4

How is the active support model utilised when assisting people with planningcommunity inclusion?


Question 5

What are the phases of lifespan development?


Question 6

How does strengths based practice empower your client?


Question 7

How is person-centred practice utilised to help achieve goals for an individual?


Question 7

How is person-centred practice utilised to help achieve goals for an individual?


Question 9

What are three safety factors that need to be considered when exploring optionsfor community involvement with a client?


Question 10

Who can you consult with to develop strategies to overcome physical andemotional barriers when designing a community engagement plan?


Question 11

Why is duty of care important in community services that offer assistance forpeople with disabilities?


Question 12

As a support worker, how can you achieve a good balance of duty of care anddignity of risk when facilitating community participation for a client?


Question 13

What is the name of the international human rights treaty that is intended toprotect the rights and dignity of persons with disability?


Question 14

You are working with a client who wishes to engage with community activities butis highly anxious when communicating with strangers. What strategies can youuse to help build your client’s confidence?


Question 15

What are five examples of resources, while following procedures and protocols,that service providers can potentially utilise on behalf of clients to facilitatecommunity integration plans?


Question 16

How are clients involved in evaluation meetings to measure communityintegration plans?


Question 17

As a support worker, how do you measure the safety and accessibility of afacility that a client may utilise for community inclusion?



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