Which of the following are true for a restaurant to be able to offer mixed beverages?


  1. It must be accompanied with a food order.
  2. Beverage must be in a sealed tamper proof container.
  3. There is no alcohol/food ratio.
  4. All of the above


Answer: – 4. All of the above

The correct answer is ‘all of the above.’ In Texas, restaurants are allowed to offer mixed beverages to go, but there are a few restrictions. First, the mixed beverage must be accompanied by a food order. Second, the beverage must be in a sealed, tamper-proof container. Third, there is no alcohol/food ratio requirement.

The purpose of these restrictions is to discourage drinking and driving. By requiring that mixed beverages be accompanied by food, restaurants are encouraging customers to eat before they drink. By requiring that the beverages be in sealed containers, restaurants are making it more difficult for customers to open and consume the beverages while they are driving. And by not requiring an alcohol/food ratio, restaurants are giving customers more flexibility in how they choose to order their food and drinks.


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