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Before we mention all the vital details step by step, let us describe you some basic facts


What is a Case Study?


Case studies are assignment in medical, business, and law schools which prove to be an efficient way of learning for students. Students encounter with different forms of cases. You will get Basic and straightforward as well as critical with detailed analysis and research.


Case study writing requires integration or practice and theory so that you can relate academic concepts to real-life practical situations. A case can be an incident, happening, person or group of people, an object, a text, an idea or an institution.


A student needs to analyze the case by mapping it against a theoretical explanation to understand and see the big picture –

  • What has happened?
  • Why has it happened?

Are you feeling confused? Don’t worry. By reading ahead, you will find answers to all your queries and start feeling confident about writing a case study on your own.


How to write a case study?



Case study writing is generally a lengthy and, exhaustive process. The faculty of college or University instructs students to write a case study with a good feature so that it may be available to publish in academic journals of the University. This case study also carries marks like all other core subjects of the MBA syllabus.


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Read the following points carefully and get an idea on ‘how to write a case study’:


  1. Case study research

It is necessary to create an adequate research methodology. Doing so will help you decide how to collect data and how you will answer the research questions. It is essential that you have credible sources of data to conduct your research.


  1. Identify key problems

Being a student be careful about presenting the details as per the content formats. Also, explain the idea of the study or the scenario which motivated you to conduct it.


  1. Description of solution

The most crucial purpose is exploring the roots and causes of the problem. Accomplishing the offered solution as a means to eradicate the problem from society.


  1. Case study analysis

For composing an excellent case study, you need to give a detailed analysis of the results and solutions. Good case studies highlight the reasons and causes of the research problem. The comprehensive report provides an opportunity for the students to apply the answer to the question.


  1. Case Study format


Here is the case study outline you need to follow for a logical flow.

  • Title – An engaging one describing the overall purpose of the study.
  • Abstract – A summary of the study stated in one-two paragraphs, an introduction to the overall research, hypothesis, problem, and findings.
  • Introduction – The first paragraph must highlight your reasons for interest in a particular topic to offer background information on the research problem and its importance.
  • Hypothesis – How do you decide on it, which led to its development, and others? Which is testable and that you can prove it using evidence.
  • Methodology – Mention the research methodology used to carry out the research and find pertinent data.
  • Results – Organize the collected data and present it logically to conclude.
  • Analysis – Explain the results and findings and how they support your hypothesis.
  • Conclusions – End with a short description stating what do you to achieve and what did you learn from it?
  • References – Don’t forget to mention all the references used to accumulate information.
  • Acknowledgements – Give thanks to those who assisted you to carry out the case study.
  • Appendix – Give related info about case studies like charts, graphs.


We hope, now the idea of writing a case study would not give you a nightmare. Now you will be confident enough to start working on your case study. It is not as tricky as you have been thinking of. Though, it may be time-taking to polish your craft.


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