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FINM014 Investment Analysis-Module Guide for Financial Management Assignment Task 




Referencing Styles: Harvard 

Course Code: FINM014

Course Title: investment analysis-module guide


The Assignment Task

For this assignment, you will be wearing the hat of an equity analyst of a London-based investment bank. You are tasked with the production of a 2000-word equity research report of ONE of the companies that you know well and whose shares are FTSE100 constituents.



  • You are required to select one target corporation from FTSE100 that you are familiar with and write an equity research report similar in style and format to reports written by equity analysts. Note that the bigger the firm is, the more information you can collect about it. On the other hand, less diversified firms and firms listed in single stock exchange are “cleaner” to value.
  • You are required to analyze the key industry, market, financial and risk aspects surrounding their chosen company by applying the knowledge gained from the module which may include, but not be limited to, industry analysis, security valuation, technical and fundamental analyses, Modern Portfolio Theory, Efficient Market Hypothesis, smart beta, etc.).
  • The analysis must include a valuation and a recommendation of the selected stock supported by both qualitative and quantitative analysis.



  • Appendices need to include all information/calculations needed to support the main report and may include the following items: Glossary Financial analysis: 3 year’s historical Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Key base case assumptions Detailed method and calculation of all your valuation models.
  • You are encouraged to use tables and graphs to present your results and demonstrate your skill to confront existing literature and include your critical analysis.


Learning Outcomes

  • Critical evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of different types of securities.
  • Analysis and explanations of regulations and procedures relating to the trading of securities and new issues in the world markets, including the London Stock Exchange.
  • Application of principles of investment theory, security and market analysis and efficiency.
  • Location, collection, analysis, summary and communication of numerical and qualitative information, using appropriate information technology at an advanced level;
  • Definition of key financial information as evidence used to support arguments.