When writing nonfiction, an author has far more freedom


A. To use their imagination and create new ideas.

B. To move around from one setting to another.

C. In how they present their internal conflicts.

D. In what they have the characters say and do.


Answer: – B. To move around from one setting to another


To switch from one setting to another. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “non-fiction” as “writing based on real events and facts rather than invented stories.” Nonfiction writing, as a result, allows for greater exploration with ideas and places than fiction writing, which is typically limited to a few subjects in a piece of fictional fiction. Furthermore, nonfiction writing might be impartial or subjective. Fiction is a narrative that is not based on facts or true events, but rather on the author’s imagination. Nonfiction is a type of prose that discusses true events, facts, and information. Bookworms are theoretically capable of following and comprehending the abstractly offered theme.


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