How did Russia surprise Germany early in World War I?


a) by convincing the Netherlands to join the war

b) by mobilizing with great speed and invading Russia

c) by winning all of its early battles with Germany

d) by forcing Germany to strengthen its Western Front

Answer:- b) by mobilizing with great speed and invading Russia


During the First World War, the Russian Empire surprised the Second German Reich by assaulting East Germany. Tsar Nicholas II’s call for full enlistment on July 29, 1914, produced quick results, and by August 7th, the Russian Empire was able to penetrate and take large sections of Prussia. When Austria attacked Serbia on July 28, 1914, Russian Overseas Minister Sergei Simonov saw it as an Austro-German plot to neutralize Russian influence in the Balkans. Russia declared universal enlistment in support of Serbia on July 30.



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