When training a client to utilize a cane, identify three (3) priority teaching points.


Answer:- The three most important instructional points to mention are:


Choose a grip that seems natural to you. Popular options include foam grips or grasps designed to fit the user’s hand. If they have difficulty holding with their fingers, a broader grip can be a better solution. Choosing a good cane grip relieves joint tension and may aid in the prevention of other joint disorders. Canes or walking sticks are designed to: provide balance when standing or walking. Take some weight off one or both legs.


  • When a patient is educating how to use a cane, the nurse would apply a gait belt to the patient for safety. In adding, the nurse would stand on the patient’s WEAK side throughout ambulation.
  • To walk (ambulate) with a cane, the patient will hold the cane on the STRONG side.


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