Prepare a Report on South Africa’s Economic Trajectory


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2500
  • Subject: Economics


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Question 1

As a policy analyst employed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), you are required to prepare a report that is focused on the rapidly rising worldwide public debt levels. The report will cover several countries in both the developing and the developed world (South Africa, Japan, USA, China, Sri Lanka and Greece). Critically evaluate the possible (short and long term) impact of rising public debt levels on South Africa’s economic trajectory and performance.


Question 2

South Africa’s public debt to GDP ratio pales in comparison to that of countries such as Japan and The USA. Analyse the reasons why Japan and the USA are able to sustain such high levels of debt to GDP.


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Question 3

South Africa’s State Owned Enterprises are responsible for the large debt levels (around R700bn as of May 2022) and this has contributed to South Africa’s credit ratings being downgraded. Analyse the feasibility and possible impact of TWO (2) solutions that can be applied to address the SOE public debt.


Question 4

Assess the impact of the structural adjustment programmes on Greece’s economy for the period 2012– 2017


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Question 5

5.1 Sri Lanka in May 2022, defaulted on its debt repayment obligations. Briefly discuss the main issues that led to Sri Lanka’s inability to meet its repayment schedule.


5.2 Discuss the measures that the government of Sri Lanka could take to ensure economic recovery and growth.


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