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Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 3000


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Instructions: You will investigate a real and current issue within the field of macroeconomics and must demonstrate that you can structure a study on a macroeconomics subject, identify information needs, draw from the body of existing knowledge on a particular subject, compare theory with practice, construct reasoned arguments supported by evidence, and make logical conclusions, all within a context of an individual written report, and strict deadlines.


Topic: For this assessment, you are required to critically discuss the view that it is the rate of growth of money that will lead to inflation, especially for countries experiencing hyperinflation. The figure below shows the different periods of time when some countries have faced this phenomenon.


Source: World Development Indicators (WDI)


What you will need in Assessment 2?

  • Demonstrates knowledge of market structure in the macroeconomic field and awareness of evidence and issues.
  • Research the relevant literature in order to definition, causes (money supply, supply shocks, models) effects, compare the various points of view and develop own perspective.
  • Present evidence of policy-makers behaviour in different economies that have faced this phenomenon


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