Write an Essay on Issues of Warehousing and Distribution Planning

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Learning Outcomes Assessed:


LO3: Evaluate and apply appropriate analytical tools to solve problems in warehousing and distribution route planning.


Assessment Brief


The second assessed item is a written piece in which you evaluate and apply appropriate tools in order to formulate warehousing and distribution solutions.

This assignment requires you to write an appropriately structured essay dealing with warehousing and distribution planning aspects of the supply chain strategy for a company approved by your tutor. The essay should focus on following tasks:

  1. How would you use modelling and analytic frameworks to improve the planning of distribution networks in the selected business?
  2. What kinds of information would need to be fed into the models?

Evaluate at least three analytical tools that could be used for this purpose, including what data is required. You will evaluate the appropriateness of all three giving their advantages and disadvantages. This should form your Appendix.

Choose one tool to apply to your chosen organisation. Give a concise summary of your findings including why you believe that your selected tool was the correct choice and why. You should refer to your appendix when discounting the other two tools.


Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements:


Level HE6 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three refereed academic journals and five academic books.