Supply Chain Network Planning Assignment Solutions Online


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 1500


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Focus – plan, implement and manage a supply chain network from source to the end user.


What is a supply chain network planning?

Identifying network requirements

Locating facilities and planning resources

Selecting and managing 3rd Party contractors

Managing and measuring performance


3 assessment components:

In class participation – 25%

Applied workplace task – 50%

Paired presentation in final week – 25%


In-class Participation

Attendance at weekly webinars

Demonstrate preparation including assigned pre-reading for each week

Active participation in in-class discussion and activities


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Applied Workplace Task

You are required to analyse a supply chain relating to your workplace. You may select a supply chain external to your workplace, provided you are able to gain good understanding to meet the assessment criteria below:


Step 1 – Situation Analysis Supply Chain Network Physical Flow of Goods
Information management
Organisational Structures
Influencing functions of the Network Product Characteristics
Sales and Market segmentation
Commercial arrangements
The business context Leadership goals and strategic options
External business environment
Step 2 – Identification of main issues and problems Categorise
Step 3 – Generation and evaluation of alternative solutions Brainstorm ideas
Use models and concepts learned
Select two realistic alternatives and evaluate
Step 4 – Recommend solution and justification Description


Paired Presentation

  • When? Week 6
  • Who? you and your partner(s) will to your peers and facilitator(s)
  • What? Apply the topics covered under the 5 elements into a supply chain familiar to Note: All 5 elements must be covered in your presentation.
  • Duration – 20 minute presentation


Example, evaluate the current Supply Chain network and then plan network for the future by identifying network requirements, planning a new structure, resourcing the network, creating network controls and managing performance.


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