Assessment Task on Strategies for Making Transcript Presentation

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Q1. Transcript of the presentation

 Write a transcript of the presentation on the topic selected. Your transcript should be suitable for a presentation that is 20 minutes in length. Utilize knowledge you have gained in this unit when writing your presentation.


Q2. Intended Outcome

Identify the intended outcomes of your presentation and explain how you have developed your presentation to meet these outcomes.


Q3. Presentation strategies

Identify the strategies you have used in your presentation and explain why you have used them.


Q4. Presentation aid

Create at least one presentation aid for the presentation, such as PowerPoint and/or audio-visual media.

Attach your slides as pictures for the presentation in the following blank; your presentation should at least include 10 slides.


Q5. Follow up question

Explain why you would use the aid to communicate the key concepts and central ideas in your presentation.


Q6. Effective communication skills

Explain how you would use effective communication skills, including any culturally appropriate communication, when giving your presentation.


Q7. Summaries of information

Identify those parts of your presentation where you have provided summaries of key concepts and ideas. Explain why you have placed summaries in the position you have.


Q8. Feedbacks on the presentation

Ask someone else to read your presentation or perform it for them. Present your topic to a small group (either a cohort of staff within your workplace or simulated workplace cohort). Ensure that you adequately prepare for the delivery, including all required presentation aids Gather feedback from them about how effective they think your presentation is. How would you use their feedback to improve your presentation?


Q9 Presentation review

What methods can you use to review the three factors of a presentation –results, response and standards? Discuss in details.


Q10 Review and recommendations for improvement

Review the effectiveness of your own presentation and document any changes which would improve future presentations


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