Assignment Report on Principles of Information Systems and Data Management

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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Principles of Information Systems and Data Management
  • Document Type: Assignment help (any type)
  • Subject: Other
  • Number of Words: 2000
  • Referencing Style: APA




You are the System Analyst involved in studying the creation & implementation of a new information system for an organization.

Choose one of the following organizations.

  • A Cafe in Singapore
  • A Tuition centre which conducts lessons
  • A minimart in Singapore
  • Food Court/ Food Delivery in Singapore
  • Fitness Centre in Singapore
  • you may propose another type of organization – must obtain approval from the lecturer


Conduct library / Internet research on the typical operations of your chosen organization and use the information gathered to write a report. Your report must answer the following questions/ sections and include all factors stated below. Each of the 10 points in the table below must be reproduced into your answer, i.e. your answer has 10 sections. You must use terms found within this subject. You are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to find these terms and to gain additional knowledge on this subject through exploration. You may need to do independent research and learning if topics are not yet covered.


S/N Description Words
1 Provide an introduction to the organization that is relevant to rest of the

answers. Suggestion: type of business, core concern, stakeholders.

2 State the main business goal of the new IS. Provide a brief explanation. 150
3 Draw a flowchart of the main business process that is to be automated.

Provide a brief explanation of the flowchart. (Chapter 1 & 8)



Identify the classes and give a 1-line description for each class (Write the

answer in a table). Draw a simple (domain) class diagram which shows the name, attributes, relationship (including the multiplicity)



5 Compare the choices in systems acquisition for this organization. 200
6 Identify 3 objectives for this project (using SMART method). Justify your


7 Prepare a brief feasibility study report for the proposed system. 350


Write a brief statement of requirements (about 1 page long) for this information system. Your answer must include different types of

requirements (eg functional and non-functional).



9 Draw a use case diagram for this system 100


Develop a conceptual model for the proposed information system. The conceptual model consists of the following:

·         Storyboard

·         Hardware, software and network components (just a list).



11 Use of Evidence, Citations and Referencing
  Total approx. no. of words 2000


Importance must be placed on how the PISDM principles are cleared outlined and how they are applied in context to the issue.


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