Strategic Supply Chain Management Answers to Homework Questions


Assignment Detail :

  • Words: 3000


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The assignment is in two parts with Part a and Part b:

Team-based Oral presentation (20% of total Mark)

This part of the assignment is a team – based activity.


(i) As part of a Group, organize, implement and produce a PowerPoint Presentation on an evaluation of a supply chain organization (ie part of a Supply Chain in either a Manufacturing; Retail or Service Industry) and make an oral presentation of your findings.


(ii) Your Presentation should include your Primary selected data on the organization. Also regular group meeting minutes should be produced and included in a hard copy submission of meeting minutes taken during the course of the assignment with a copy of your presentation sides. Your consideration should be to the organizations’ approach to its supply chain strategic focus.


(iii) Make a 20-minute Group presentation to the class analysing the strategic role of the organization within its supply chain and assessing its operation in terms of its supply chain strategy.


(iv) A level of Primary research is expected and should be ideally conducted via an organisation visit but electronic means of interview can be considered as an alternative. In order to follow the university ethical regulations, a set of consent forms must be completed prior to the primary data collection.


You also need to prepare a summary of the research, analyse the role of the organisation with regard to its supply chain strategy and assess its operation in terms of the supply chain practice you believe is appropriate identified from the Lecture and Seminar Sessions of this module. Plans should be discussed and agreed with the tutor, and a suitable visit confirmed by week 6 of the semester.


The group presentation should aim to comment upon the strategic role of the organization within its supply chain, and its efficiency and effectiveness in performing that role.  You should draw on and use reading and learning from the whole module, and position the organization in terms of strategic supply chain best practice.  Marks will be awarded for quality of presentation as well as content. Assessed Presentations will be made to the class in teaching weeks 11 and 12 and agreed with the Tutor.


  • Individual–based Assignment (80% of total Mark)


Individually to prepare a 3000 (+/-10%) words report using the findings of your group presentation as a Case Study

  • to compare and contrast the supply chain strategy against a comprehensive literature review on appropriate supply chain theories
  • the theories include but are not limited to: planning, customer service, JIT/Quick Response, pipeline management, inventory/distribution management, E-supply chain, closed-loop supply chain, lean/agile, 6 sigma;
  • to evaluate the case study organization and provide suggestions
  • Include an Abstract (200 words max not in word count)
  • Include an Introduction (100 words) and a Conclusion (200 words both included in the word count)