Fill-in-the-blank questions usually require______________in the answer.


A) One keyword

B) A list of vocabulary

C) Complete sentences

D) None of these

Answer:- A) One keyword


What are Fill-In-The-Blank-Type Questions?

Those queries may comprise a sentence or a section with a blank area. This area characterizes a word, variety, image, or a word that the dressmaker has ignored for a reason. The learner is required to fill in this blank.


Is a fill within the clean query considered a reaction question?

Fill inside the clean query is considered a reaction question. A check’s rules frequently make clear any questions a student would perhaps have approximately answering a reaction query.

The sentence would make sense even without the theoretical term to fill in the blank. The learners would be clever to stem the correct answer from the sentence provided. Preferably, they leave out keywords for the blank space. There would be only one right answer for the blank.


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