Strategic Management Assessment Solutions for MBA Students

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Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 3000



This assignment should be based on your current employer/business or a business with which you have had some recent exposure and with which you are familiar.


Your report should be presented in a management report format covering following key elements:


  • Executive summary (make it brief around 150 words – not counted in word limit),
  • Introduction (setting out the scope of your work),
  • Main body, and,
  • Conclusion


Your report should incorporate the following areas:

  1. State vision and mission statement of your organization and highlight their key Suggest any changes in vision and/or mission statement if you deem necessary.
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your chosen organisation and examine its
  3. Analyse long-term objectives of your organisation and specific strategies chosen by it to achieve these
  4. Analyse people, their capability, organisation structure and corporate culture issues of your chosen Discuss their impact on its successful strategy execution.
  5. Offer recommendations for successful strategy formulation and implementation in your chosen


Type of Organization

  • If your organization is part of a larger international organization, you may consider only your country’s division. Avoid considering individual departments or sections of an organization as this will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy
  • If your organization is a government department, proceed with an analysis of that division, providing, it is a budgetary center. Dealing with a subdivision will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy
  • If your organization is an independent, not-for-profit entity, proceed according to the advice


Make sure the conclusion is not just a summary of your recommendations. Emphasize the key recommendations in your conclusion and consider how they might be actioned.


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