Social Media and Democracy Assignment Answers to Questions


Assessment Detail:

  • Words – 4500+


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Social Media and Democracy

Social Media and Democracy 


Part A:


1.Discuss the main arguments by Yogendra Yadav in the article ‘Understanding the
Second Democratic Upsurge’.


2. What is civil society? Explain the strengths and limitations of civil society in
influencing the state power in India.


3. Write an essay on ‘changing role of social media and its implications for democracy’


Part B:


1. Discuss population growth in India since Independence and how demographic division play an important role in India’s development


2. Do you agree ‘social security programs ensure welfare of the people in the country’ –
Critically examine with suitable examples.


3. ‘Environment plays an important role in the development process; discuss various
environmental issues related with India’s Infrastructural Development.