Research Methods: SBS/ABS – MBA/MSC Research Proposal Assignment


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Assignment Details:

Word: 3000


The learning objective of this course is to develop complete understanding of research methods and apply the learning in real world problems. Hence the assignment involves developing a detailed research proposal related to an area of student’s interest.


  1. The field of Human Resource includes four basic realms: starting with employee acquisition, training and development, performance management and finally compensation management. Depending on your interest area, identify a research concern from the above-mentioned broad Also formulate the broad research objectives of your research.
  2. Based on the learnings from the session, clearly indicate the research problem and frame 3-4 research questions related to the topic.
  3. Conduct review of literature related to your topic to understand the phenomenon better and design the conceptual map relating different factors of your study.
  4. As discussed in the session, identify the independent and dependent variables of your study from the knowledge gained through literature review and also formulate the hypothesis.
  5. Based on the type of research proposed, discuss in detail the research methodology to be adopted for the purpose of your study and its rationale.
  6. Suggest the reasons for choosing a particular kind of scale used in the research.
  1. Design an appropriate questionnaire keeping research objectives in mind and discuss the factors considered while designing the questionnaire.
  1. There is no data collection required, however, the student can decide the analysis that will help examine the data derived from the proposed questionnaire. Identify the statistics used for the purpose of analyzing the data.
  2. Describe the possible limitations of your study.
  1. Discuss the implications of your research and identify the possible ethical concerns of the research.
  2. Explain the importance of your research for your organization and its contribution to the knowledge domain.
  3. Cite the full bibliographic references that you have cited in your research proposal using APA 6th edition and order them alphabetically.
  4. Include a table of contents.
  5. Use Times New Roman, Font size 12, 5 spacing.


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