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Research Methodology


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 3000-5000




The state of South Africa’s Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is plummeting and the forecast is not looking much better. GDP is not the same as average income, as the Gross domestic product measures how much an individual contributes to the production of a country. This indicates the uncertainty in the job market especially for youth. Based on the higher rate of youth unemployment and the state of the South African economy, government directs its policy to promote entrepreneurship programmes for youth. After two years of implementation of these entrepreneurship programmes, government is keen to investigate in order to establish the impact of these programmes.


You are required to write a research proposal of the study using the structure as per questions asked:


Answer ALL the questions in this section.


Question 1


Formulate the research title, the background of the study and the problem statement. Use relevant literature to underpin your argument.


Question 2


Formulate FIVE (5) research objectives and FIVE (5) research questions that are relevant to your study.


Question 3


Write down the literature review using TEN (10) most recent articles from reliable sources.


Question 4


Demonstrate the research methodology for the study focusing on research paradigm, sampling type and data collection method. Give reasons for your choice and support with the relevant literature.