Assignment Report on Quality & Risk Management in Healthcare

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Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 4000


Answer all the questions. Each question carries 18 Marks.


Part A: (Maximum 2000 words as a total for all Part A)

Referring to the systematic review on the validity and rigor of applying PDSA methodology in healthcare improvement projects (Taylor et al, 2017), Answer the following Questions:


1. What is the main literature gap behind the methodology of PDSA in the context of articles published in journals aiming to improve healthcare systems according the review paper?


2. Describe the four stages of PDSA in terms of their content, milestones and how each stage contributes to the overall improvement


3. What deficiencies have been unraveled with respect to the use of PDSA?


Part B (Maximum 2000 Words as a total for all part B)

1. Propose a PDCA improvement project to address a healthcare problem of your choice. Ensure to describe in detail the problem you wish to address and analyze its possible causes using the Fish bone Diagram tool and Pareto chart. Identify the vita few causes (2) and address them with a suitable.


2. Explain how you will implement the solution. Indicate how you will know (Which measurement) that an improvement will take place when you implement the Describe the data collection plan.


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