Digital Marketing at HBS Online Case Study Solutions

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How should Mohsen allocate the FY21 digital marketing budget across various digital channels (Exhibit 9) and course offering (Exhibit 10)? Consider the following as you decide on the budget allocation:


In FY20, Mohsen allocated only 3% of her ad budget on programmatic display ads even though they have the lowest acquisition cost (see Exhibit 9s). Why?


According to Exhibit 10, CORe accounted for almost 24% of overall revenue but only 9% of the total ad spend in FY20. Is Mohsen under-spending on this course and overspending on others?


What is the best way to decide how much to spend on branded and generic ads (Exhibit 10)?


How can Mohsen improve the enrollment or customer acquisition process to reduce acquisition cost and improve the effectiveness of paid media?


What opportunities exist beyond paid media to accelerate growth?


Would you invest in short-term content and learning tracks to accelerate growth of HBS Online?


How would you address the concerns about brand dilution and the potential overlap between HBS Online and other programs of the school? How can HBS Online best fulfill the mission of the School?


Since its launch in 2014, how has HBS Online evolved and what lessons does it provide for an organization that is planning to start its own digital initiative?


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