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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA 
  • Course Code: PUA 633
  • Course Title: development administration 
  • University: Kentucky State University
  • Country: US


Cover Page: Include cover page with title, and pertinent class information.


Outline policy, program or law you are reviewing.
Explain why the review of this program, policy or law is important:

A. Social
B. Economic
C. Political
D. Psychological/ Social-Psychological


Problem Statement:

1.Describe the problem empirically if possible.
2.Provide a brief historical and contemporary overview
3.Discuss the symptoms and scope of the problem.  I.e., How pervasive is the problem?
4.Outline the cause (s) of this problem.
5.Identify stakeholders. I.e., Particularly who is impacted.
Outline their objectives and positions with regards to the problem.


Policy or Program Background:

1.Provide an overview of the policy.
2.Reference pertinent legislation, public or political support /opposition.


Policy, Program or Law Assessment:

1.Outline past policy performance.
2.Outline goals and objectives of the policy, program or law being reviewed.
3.Outline specific criteria used to evaluate current policy, program or law.
Note: Do not lean away from abstract measurement criteria.
4.Discuss current policy, program or law performance.


Policy Alternatives:

1.Identify and outline alternatives.
2.Briefly evaluate each alternative against specified goals.
3.Make substantiated inferences concerning the impact of each alternative.
4.Identify constraints, tradeoffs, political and financial feasibility of each alternative.


Comparison of Options: (These are suggestions there are many other models).

1.Rank options based on specific goals.
2. Cost/benefit analysis.
3.Outline models, which should be considered in this review.
4.Include any pertinent information that may not have been addressed earlier.



1.Describe preferred alternative (s).
2.Outline implementation strategies.
3.Make recommendations explaining how you believe the problem should be addressed and solved. Explain why you believe this is the best approach to solving the problem.