Best Solution on Palliative Care And Life-Limiting Conditions Assessment Questions

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words:1500
  • Course Code: PCC302
  • Course Title: Palliative Care and Life-Limiting Conditions
  • University: Torrens University
  • Country: AU


Think about the following

  1. What is the issue you have chosen?
  2. Why have you chosen this particular issue?
  3. Why did this issue make an impact on you?
  4. Was it from the panel discussion, a person or a student experience whilst on clinical placement?
  5. Why is a discussion on this contemporary issue important or relevant right now?
  6. How does this issue make you feel i.e. are you confused about the topic, unsure of how you feel, angry about inequity?
  7. What did you know about your chosen issue previously?
  8. Does the issue you have chosen challenge your personal beliefs and values or assumptions?
  9. What do the Professional Standards of Nursing (NMBA, 2018) say about the role of nurses relating to your chosen issue?
  10. What ethical issues does your chosen topic bring up i.e. autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence or justice?
  11. What state or national legislation influences your chosen topic i.e.
  12. what is the current national legislation about the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis?
  13. Have your thoughts or feelings changed about the issue since commencing this subject, course, professional or personal experience?
  14. What have you learnt from the content so far and how will you use it in the remainder of the subject or in your professional development plan?