Psychological Theories of Human Development Assignment Answers to Questions


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Psychological Theories


Learning outcomes (LOs):

  • Critically examine psychological theories of human development.
  • Apply developmental concepts and theories to real-world contexts.
  • Critically evaluate the methods and findings of key research studies in development.
  • Critically consider different approaches to managing developmental challenges.


Therefore the critical essay with reflection should:


  1. Highlight the developmental challenges from ONE case study
  2. Identify and critically analyze relevant developmental theories (LO1) and research (LO3) that can be applied to your chosen case study (LO2)
  3. Use the above knowledge to critically consider the different ways to manage the developmental challenges (LO4) highlighted in the case study
  4. Reflect on your professional development by focusing your critical reflection on your experience of completing this essay from the point of highlighting the developmental challenges through to making suggestions for managing these challenges (LO1-4)