Argumentative Essay Guidelines in Technology Assignment Questions


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Argumentative Essay





1. The minimum word limit is 1500 words and the maximum word limit is 1800 words.

2. The paper should have a separate cover page which should include: Title of the Essay and word count, your name and your student ID, Course and section, Instructor Name, Semester, Due Date.

3. There must be a minimum of 8 – a maximum of 12 sources.

4.  These sources must be academic, peer-reviewed material.

5. You need to use APA style in-text citations and reference lists.

6. All material from your sources should be properly paraphrased and cited accordingly in the essay.

7. The sources you use in the Initial Research Assignment and the outline should be used in the final essay as well unless in the feedback you have received it was made clear that you need to replace one or more of them.

8. The format of the essay should be 12-point font Times New Roman font, double space, and 1” margins on all sides.

9. The essay must contain 3 arguments and 2 counterarguments and an equal number of rebuttals.

10. Arguments AND counterarguments/rebuttals must contain reference material that supports the point being addressed.

11. The rebuttal must directly address the counterargument.

12. You can only submit a word document or PDF in Blackboard. Any other file will be considered a late submission.