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Project Management Case Study



You have recently joined Capura Inc. as a project manager. There is currently a product development project in-progress that is still at the planning stage. A business case was submitted for the project by the previous project manager and the project was subsequently approved with a commitment of funds and other available resources (inclusive of project team members with key skills) by the Project Evaluation Board. Your first responsibility as the project manager together with your project team, is to design the scope management plan for the project. Keep in mind that the quality of your plan will be benchmarked against the successes of the previous project manager (even with scope creep regularly rearing its head on many projects). The scope management plan for this project should therefore be all encompassing, illustrating every finite aspect of scope management planning and should simultaneously be explicit to all relevant stakeholders.



Your scope management plan should deliberate on and exhibit the following:

  • An introduction, Collecting requirements and Defining the scope
  • Developing a project charter and a project scope statement
  • Developing the WBS
  • Validating the scope, Controlling the scope and a scope management summary


Answer ALL the questions in this section.

Question 1

Give an introduction to the Scope Management Plan, state how and what requirements will be collected and define the scope of the project.


Question 2

Develop a Project Charter and a Project Scope Statement.


Question 3

Develop a WBS and discuss the process in creating the WBS.


Question 4

Demonstrate how you will validate the project scope and control the scope; and lastly, create a scope management summary.


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