Managing Innovation Assessment Report Questions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 4000




Report Task


You are required to undertake research on two innovative organisations in the same sector (for example, BMW and Toyota) who have headquarters in different countries. You will write a 4,000 word report on the management of innovation in those organisations that must include the following sections:


  1. An introduction to the two organisations and some of their main innovative end results.


  1. Map and critique the innovation space of the two organisations setting out existing practice (i.e. outputs/outcomes).


  1. Critically discuss the innovation strategy and management process employed in the organisations using Tidd and Bessant’s 4 step model (search, select, implement and capture).


  1. Identify recommendations to improve the innovation management of the two organisations.


  1. Provide a short conclusion to your innovation report assignment.


Key Points


1. Individual Work

You are to work individually.


2. Research approach

You should find the required information on the organization via secondary/desk (i.e. web, journal articles) research. Where needed you can use primary research to fill in any knowledge you are missing from secondary sources. You must clearly provide evidence to support the critical discussion in your report. English language sources are preferable, non-English sources are acceptable as long as a translation of the reference is provided.


3.Writing the Report

Write up your work in a report format.  Your report should explicitly include all the items listed in the marking schedule below.  It should be a maximum of 4,000 words in length. The word count excludes the following: references, appendices, table of content. Please include the word count on the title page.


3.1 Report format

Front cover includes: module title and number, matriculation number, word count, report title

Layout: 1.5 spacing, font arial, font size 12, pages are numbered.


4. Referencing & Plagiarism

It is essential that you provide appropriate referencing to avoid both the impression of plagiarism or that you are fabricating work.  Please refer to My Napier – Edinburgh Napier University for guidance. The Referencing criteria is also linked to on Moodle. Please follow the APA referencing system. If you have any further questions related to referencing please ask your module leader, tutor or the Business school librarian.


5. Turnitin

You are required to submit the final version of your report to Turnitin Feedback Studio, the process is as follows:


As Turnitin may be new to you, please review the instructions on the site well in advance of the due date to ensure you understand the process. The link to Turnitin will be available on Moodle. You will be able to upload drafts and you can submit as many drafts as you like (a new draft simply overwrites the previous submission) until the due date for the final report. (Please Note: the generation of an ‘Originality Report’ by Turnitin can take up to 24 hours).


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