Assessment Solutions on Principles of International Business

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Assessment Details:-

  • Topic: Business
  • Document Type: Assignment help (any type)
  • Subject: Business
  • Number of Words: 4000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA
  • University: Standard


Key requirements and task briefing information


Choose one global industry from those covered in Global Shift.  Answer one question of the following three options.


  1. First assess the extent to which the chosen industry can be characterized as: (a) ‘globalized’ or ‘regionalized’ (as per Rugman) or (b) ‘core Triad’-dominated or ‘multi-polar’. Then, explore and analyze the underlying factors and forces behind the observed patterns.


  1. For the chosen industry, select one prominent emerging economy, and conduct a comparative investigation of the major entry modes used by foreign firms in the past decade. Carefully assess (and illustrate with examples) the key motivations behind the choice of the entry modes under consideration.


  1. For the chosen industry, select and investigate one prominent geographical industry cluster, account for the cluster’s international prominence (drawing on relevant theories) and explain the role it plays within wider global production networks.



Note that all three assignment questions require you to explore how a key global industry has been affected one or more of the core module topics. As some of the chapters in Global Shift are relatively broad in scope, it may be advisable to narrow the scope of the industry you are investigating; if you do so, this should be clearly explained in the introduction of your assignment.


You are strongly encouraged to use tables and figures with supporting information and other exhibits but these should be presented professionally and referred to in the text of your answer. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc), given a meaningful title and the source should be clearly indicated.


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