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Assignment Details

  • Referencing style: Harvard
  • Words: 1,000
  • Course code: PGMB136
  • Course name: Contemporary international Human Resource management assessment
  • University: De Montfort University
  • Country: UK


1. Organisational success through the application of international human resource management practices is impacted by the concept of globalization. Critically explore and investigate the impact of expatriation on MNCs’ organisational effectiveness?


2. Investigate and consider critically whether competitive advantage for MNCs is achievable through motivating expatriate workers in global business environment.


3. Institutions are crucially important in protecting workers’ right. Critically examine the roles played by supranational institutions in protecting expatriate workers’ rights. Is well being achieved by shaping employee voice in the workplace?


4. The influence of ‘‘culture shock’’ and its impacts on expatriate workers are well-known in international human resource management literature. Critically analyze how multinational corporations (MNCs) might limit its effects on staff for return on investment (ROI).