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Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 3000




Organization Behavior Course:


Reflection Paper:


At this last stage of the course, I hope that you have developed some ideas about how organizational environments can be better designed in light of what we have discussed about individuals and teams in organizational settings. In 12 pages (around 3000 words, not including references and appendices), propose, in detail, an organizational change within your current organization or an individual/team change that you believe is more consistent with what we have tackled about individuals and teams in organizations. Write this paper as if you are providing a report to the Board of Directors/Trustees or CEO of your organization (but provide enough background and context so that I, who am not a part of your organization or professional life, can understand it).


Or write the paper as if you are building your 5 muscles and working on your blind spots to be more self-aware. Also, how you will change your dysfunctional behaviors into functional ones by shifting your mindsets using the “Influence Model.” You can also elaborate on how you intend to implement the “AIR Model.” The data collected from the motivation and psychological surveys can be integrated in the paper. Your insights and implications for knowledge and practice are valuable.


Your job is to convince, using evidence and logic, me, and your Review Partner of the credibility of your ideas. Write well: structure, cohesiveness, and conciseness matter! And remember to cite all sources!


Please note that the assignment shall be well organized, analyzed in a professional way at a level of executive MBA.


If you need any additional resources, please contact me.


Additional Information:


Brief about my organization:

Organization Name: Nesma & Partners contracting company ltd.


My position: Mechanical Site Manager

My Subordinates: 3 mechanical engineers and 4 supervisors along with 240 skilled manpower.

Field: Construction and infrastructure


Structure of the Reflection Paper:


a-small reflection on the course. (1-2 pages)


b-Talk about the Vuca world and its implications on yourself and your team. (VOCA: Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex, Ambiguity).what is the mindset of successful people in voca world, how do they think. Talk about the mindset (focus on what you can control and don’t focus on the TEA (time, Energy, Attention) which you cannot control.


Provide specific examples on your work (1 page)


Examples how to focus on your control:


Five Muscles I shall work on:


1-Positive emotions (MMFI) make me feel important by activities, learned optimism, manage expectations, rewards, etc.… (don’t copy paste, give specific examples)


2-Strengths: understand blind spots, self-awareness (feelings, behavior, attitude, values), external self-awareness, work on the matrix (attached in OB EMBA OSB Session Two, page#3).


3-Relationships (be more present, motivate others, show empathy, be approachable, focused on three types of networking (operational networking, strategic networking, develop mentor) provide specific examples


4-Meaning of existence: your purpose, your contribution, added value of your presence (if you cannot make people better, don’t make them worse), it helps you to be more order to make the job more meaningful, it depends on the type of followers (unable and unwilling, unable and willing, able and unwilling, able and willing)


5-Celebrate accomplishments


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