Real Estate Case Study Assignment Solutions




Task 3


Find a property in the same geographical location as your home that fits the following criteria:

  • Rural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail

You must also ensure the above property fits in one of the following transaction types:

  • Lease
  • Development site
  • Transfer of title
  • Agistment

Using your chosen options, you are to make a presentation to a second client (upload a script or create a video)


Research sites such as or, analyse your results, then write an appraisal report using the information you have obtained.


During this presentation you are to advise the potential vendor / landlord your opinion of price, how you obtained that and present the comparable property’s information and your suggestion of method of sale – ie. private treaty or auction OR lease.


This presentation can be completed as a video, which you’ll need to upload or alternatively you can upload a script.


Your assessor will be looking at your communication skills and body language throughout the video. In your script explain how your body language is maintained and your message is conveyed.


The video/script should be around 10 – 15 minutes.


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