Organisational Change Strategies Assignment Task


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 4500


Organisational Change Strategies




The unit looks at how complex organisations can provide strategies for, respond to and evaluate change. Methodologies and various tools and techniques will be applied.




Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario: –


You are a manager within an organisation that is currently undergoing a period of change.

Your role is to guide the organisation through the change programme ensuring employee commitment as well as meeting organisational objectives.


Task 1:


Identify and critically evaluate at least three diverse models or frameworks that can be used to address organisational change. Assess their suitability within your identified scenario context. Remembering a model must be ‘fit for the purpose intended.’


Identify and justify the change solutions for this scenario that help achieve organisational objectives. Apply a range of creative problem solving techniques can be used to address change challenges.


Identify and outline your scenarios organisational strategy. Critically evaluate how your deduced solutions will align and contribute positively and feasibly to organisational future direction.

Guideline word count: 1,300 – 1,500 words


A.C. 1.1 – Critically evaluate the range of organisational change, models and frameworks that could be used in your organisation

A.C.1.2: – Identify and apply a range of creative problem solving techniques to address change changes

AC. 1.3 – Critically evaluate, determine and justify change solutions that link to the achievement of organisational strategy


Task 2:


Research, identify and critically evaluate two change implementation models, with the focus on the requirements of implementation. Your work may have connections to 1.1 findings.


Evolve a positive, feasible and ethical criteria that validates the change implementation model, clearly signposting it’s critical success factors and related key performance indicators

Guideline word count: 850 – 1,000 words


A.C. 2.1 – Critically evaluate a range of change implementation models

A.C. 2.2 – Identify and justify the criteria to select and support a change implementation model and will achieve the organisational change desired


Task 3:


For this task you are required to demonstrate application of analytical tools that effectively monitor both the processes involved in change and the effects. Monitoring will be over time, therefore the factor of time and key critical points of risk and potential shock should be considered. Enterprise Risk Management techniques would be of value to explore here.

Measurement may be quality, budgetary factors, environmental factors, cultural changes, engagement modelling. 3.1 / 3.2 would blend well together.


For this task state your intended strategy(s) to management your change scenario. Conduct a risk assessment on them or modelling of your choice, determine how risk may be avoided, reduced, designed out or transferred.

Guideline word count: 850 – 1,000 words


AC: – 3.1 Identify and demonstrate the use of analytical tools to monitor the progress and the effects of change within your organization

AC: – 3.2 critically assess monitoring and measurement techniques used to measure and track change within an organization

Ac: – 3.3 Analyze and critically assess strategies to minimize the impact of adverse effects of change in your organization


Task 4:


Identify the key risk factors that have an adverse effect on the strategic direction of the firm, as well as those positives, that may be exploited further, for internal or competitive advantage. Decompose the elements of risk, via a logical criteria and critical review and evaluate those processes.


Together with your team critically analyse the results of the change impact review, summarising the points discussed and qualified recommendations. You may wish to form a specialists Delphi group for this purpose.


Develop a PowerPoint presentation of your change findings, and present them to your primary stakeholders or sponsors. For assessment purposes only the PowerPoint works are required. You may wish to conduct an audience profiling exercise, media review to ensure that the presentation is in its best context, to maximise on exceeding stakeholders’ expectations.


AC: – 4.1 critically evaluate the processes required to review the impact of the change in your organization

AC: – 4.2 critically analyses and discuss the results of a change impact review

AC: – 4.3 Formulate findings of a change analysis and present them in an appropriate way for different stakeholders


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