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In the Case Assignment, you wrote a proposal on how you plan to implement education and training within the organization to address the opportunities and challenges associated with managing across cultures. Your emphasis was on the host country of origin from the host country’s perspective.


For the Signature assignment, you will build on your Week 4 case assignment and add management across culture concepts/elements from the United States perspective. For ex. Imagine you are working in the U.S. Office and addressing cultural concepts and elements from the United States perspective – for U.S. employees working with foreign based employees in the U.S. location. Consider the module when we discussed the language barrier in a presentation, which made us aware that there was a need for education and training in the host country. Now, that you have gathered information to educate and train in the host country, complete the signature assignment by improving the plan to incorporate training that addresses training U.S. personnel. You may want to review terms discussed in TD1 of module 1, such as ethnocentrism, etc., to assist with completing the training and education plan.


Please address the concepts learned and student-learning outcomes in modules 1 – 8 (see table below). Your paper should be between 8 – 10 pages. Update your executive summary to include the new content (still no more than 1 page). Your executive summary should include a training plan that includes both the host country and the U.S., associated costs, and total human resources required. Again, address the concepts learned and explain if they are applicable or not in the organization. At the end of your paper, write four paragraphs about what you learned about the organization as it pertained to the cross cultural management in the host country and U.S., any preconceived notions prior to research about the organization in the host country relevant to the U.S., and your current perceptions about the organization.


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