MMK295 Integrated Marketing Communications – Deakin University


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: MMK295
  • Course Title: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 6000
  • University: Deakin University
  • Country: AU



Hampton Travel & Cruise





The scenario for this assignment is that Hampton Travel & Cruise has come to you for consultation on integrated marketing communications. Hampton Travel & Cruise would like to increase their number of consumers. This means growing their database of potential consumers and increasing penetration in their target segments.


Hampton has identified two potential target segments in which they can potentially grow their database. These are 1) an ageing client base, who are reducing their travel time; and 2) a demographic of 25-55 year-olds who typically prefer to book online.


Your job is to help them accomplish their goals. What this means is developing a viable (to implement) marketing and communications plan to help capture a strong and strategic segment of consumers. It will require considering those segments and profiling who you believe will be a profitable target consumer, justifying that decision, and constructing a plan to communicate effectively with that segment.





In Assignment 1 Part A, you will:

  • Critically assess Hampton Travel & Cruise’s current communication messages
  • Identify and profile a profitable segment for Hampton Travel & Cruise
  • Examine how effectively Hampton Travel & Cruise’s communicate message currently targets these consumers, and which target(s) they succeed at targeting with these existing communications


In Assignment 1 Part B, you will:

  • Summarise Part A, including any critical issues with the current communication strategy
  • Profile Hampton Travel & Cruise’s current modes of communicating their message to consumers – i.e., which IMC elements are they using, and how effective is this?
  • Provide recommendations for a marketing communications program to assist Hampton Travel & Cruise in achieving its goals
  • Provide insight into how Hampton Travel & Cruise should improve its digital channels





The goal of this project (parts A & B combined) is to develop an integrated marketing communications plan. In doing so, you will need to:

1) Understand the target market’s psychographic needs, wants, values in relation to the industry

2) Evaluate the communication message from the company in relation to this target market

3) Describe and analyse Hampton Travel & Cruise’s current traditional marketing communication mix, evaluate the effectiveness of their primary methods, and make recommendations where applicable.

4) Describe and analyse Hampton Travel & Cruise’s current digital marketing communication mix, evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing, and make recommendations where applicable.


Your recommended strategy can include paid media (e.g., social media advertising, display ads, etc.) and owned media (e.g., Hampton Travel & Cruise’s websites, email lists, etc.). However, consideration for the paid activity should include relevant metrics. The recommendations should be feasible for this company to implement.


For each of your recommendations, you should provide an example of the tactics to be used, which channels will be utilised, and why you have selected these channels. For each recommendation, you should include the metrics that you will use to measure success and/or discussion of the necessary spending required, with justification for large spends.




  • What is Hampton Travel & Cruise’s value proposition for their target consumers?
  • How can Hampton Travel & Cruise achieve maximum cut-through to the desired audience?
  • How should Hampton Travel & Cruise go about raising brand awareness?
  • What area/geographical considerations should there be?
  • Which channels should Hampton Travel & Cruise use to acquire customers and why?