MKT001 Brand Development Assignment Answer By Management Experts

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Assessment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Word/Pages: 4
  • Course Code: MKT001
  • Course Title: brand development
  • University: Universal Business School Sydney
  • Country: AU



Brief: Google Pixel

Google Pixel is Google’s product extension within the smartphone technologies. Its the parent company is Alphabet Inc. Google has ownership of the Android   Operating System

which is used by its competitors, Google Pixel does not offer a wide variety of models unlike the market leaders iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Google Pixel does not offer customers with options to choose a model based on price, aesthetics, memory size, camera or opt for the premium.

Google would like to grow its market share in Australia by strengthening its brand equity. The company would like to understand what they need to do to be Top of Mind.

Based on this problem, provide a roadmap that will lead to brand growth.