MIS312 Assessment Solutions on Agile Business Analysis in Retrospective Storyboard


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 1500
  • Location: Australia


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MIS312 Agile Business Analysis


Task Summary


In preparation for Assessment 3 – a group assessment – you are asked to take the time to do a personal retrospective on how working with your team has gone so far. The aim is for you to take stock of the current situation and think of creative ways to bring to team together to best achieve your goals and objectives for Assessment 3.


A key tool to help you is a story board. The aim of using a story board is to help you try and look at two of your weekly meetings as an outside observer, like you are watching a movie of your meeting, and to try and think about the situation objectively.




Working successfully as a team is core to Agile – no one hero can carry the team through complex projects. The whole team needs to pull together to achieve best outcomes


Task Instructions


It is not expected that you are a talented artist – stick figures are more than adequate to help you tell your story.


You are free to use a story board template of your choosing and write whatever notes around the frame of what you have drawn to make your story clear. You will be expected to label team members by name.


The story board is meant to help you not hinder you, so be creative and use it to your best advantage. Watch this video for some tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux_Em1lVsjI


You will need to look at a one good example – where a weekly meeting went well; and one challenge example where the meeting could have gone better.


After you have completed each story board – you will then be asked to complete a retrospective board:


1. Positive Story Board –

  1. Title of your Story Board – What genre you would make this movie – e.g. adventure, comedy, action, fantasy, science fiction or a coming of age story.
  2. The issue in the plot of your meeting.
  3. Characters in the team that helped, and how.
  4. The ending and the positive outcome of the team meeting.


2. The Challenge Story Board –

  1. Title of your Story Board – What genre would you make this movie – e.g. horror, thriller, melodrama, crime fiction, detective fiction, conspiracy, or suspense
  2. The challenge or problem in the plot of your meeting
  3. Characters in the team that caused challenges and problems, how they di this and why you think they did this.
  4. The ending.
  5. How – now that you have taken a step back to gain objectivity – you could have shaped this meeting to a more productive outcome.