MGT702 Understanding and Managing Organisational Behaviour Theory and Practical


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: MGT702
  • Course Title: Managing Organisation
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 1250
  • University: University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Country: Australia


Assignment Task:-


Discuss and analyse THREE (3) issues, problems, or challenges faced by your organisation or any organisation of your choice (These challenges should be from the Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling perspective). Provide recommendations on how to address those issues. Use theoretical and literature support to strengthen your argument.

Chapter 1: Introduction Include the profile of your company or the company that you have selected here. Please provide enough information about the company such as its businesses, history, ownership, etc. If you wished not to disclose the name of the company, you might use a fake name for it in your report.

Chapter 2: (issue no.1)

Chapter 3: (issue no.2)

Chapter 4: (issue no.3) Give an accurate title to each of the issues you are discussing. Analyse the issues and offer recommendations on how to address them.

Chapter 5: Conclusion & Individual Reflection on Lessons Learn Conclude your report by reinforcing the key points that have been discussed. Then briefly explain the lessons that you have learned from completing this assignment.