MGT100 Introduction to Management Assignment Help

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MGT100 Introduction to Management


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 1000


Note Answer All questions as a guide 200 to 300 words for each question or part there of


Question 1


Why is decision-making often described as the essence of the manager’s job? How do managers make the right decisions explain? Use an example to link your explanation.


Question 2


Name at least four of the major considerations when building a group into an effective team. Imagine that you are building a team of people who will design a new type of baby stroller with a built-in entertainment system that will allow the baby to listen to music. Explain how you would apply each of these considerations as you build your team.


Question 3


Explain why managers make the difference in embedding a ethical culture in an organisation.


Question 4


What is a transactional leader? What is a transformational leader? Explain how the two types of leadership differ?


Question 5


How do organisations attract a quality workforce through strategic HR Management an effective recruiting process and selection process?


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