MGMT 6057 Contemporary Business Management Assessment


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: MGMT 6057
  • Course Title: Contemporary Business Management
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 4000
  • University: Fanshawe College
  • Country: CA




This is an individual assignment, so students who prefer to work independently can do so. However, if you wish to complete the Assignment with partners, you can submit Assignment 3 as a group assignment (maximum of four students in a group, you may choose your partners). If you choose to work in a small group for this Assignment, you must designate someone in your group to submit the Assignment (with all group member names on the title page) and also submit a Team Participation Minutes file.


Your tasks for this Assignment:


Task 1:

Describe your primary target market. Be specific. List the four main market segmentation categories. Under each category, list at least two relevant characteristics that describe your target market.



Task 2:

Create a name, a logo, and a slogan for your landscape design business. You can create your logo on a computer. Alternately, you can draw your logo on a piece of paper, take a picture of it with your smartphone, and submit that image. In a 5-8 sentence paragraph, explain how the name, logo, and slogan contribute to the overall image or brand of your business. Why did you choose this name for your business? Why does your logo look the way it does? What is appealing about your slogan?



Task 3:

Identify a pricing strategy for your business. When thinking about your answer, refer to the Module 7 PowerPoint slides that list several possible pricing strategies (there is very little information about pricing strategies in the textbook, so rely on the Module 7 PPT slides or conduct external research). Your pricing strategy must be among the ones listed in the PPT slides. Think about the characteristics of your target market, your competition, and the nature of your services. In a 5-8 sentence paragraph, explain why you selected the specific pricing strategy that you did. You may also wish to explain why you rejected other alternative pricing strategies that were listed in the Module 7 PPT slides.



Task 4:

Your next task is to attract potential customers. The main newspaper in London, Ontario, is the London Free Press. During the spring and summer every year, the newspaper includes a special four-page section in the Saturday edition of the newspaper. This four-page section is titled ‘Gardening Tips and Trends’. It contains information, helpful guidance, and design tips for readers who enjoy gardening. Local businesses can pay a fee to place an advertisement in the newspaper. You decide that it would be a good idea to place an advertisement in the London Free Press.


Design a one-page (8.5” x 11”) advertisement that will appear in the ‘Gardening Tips and Trends’ section of the London Free Press newspaper. Your advertisement will give readers information about your business and will visually entice them to consider purchasing your services. Decide what information you want in your ad and other visual elements to include. Create your ad using a software program such as PPT or Word, or draw it on a piece of paper (and submit a picture of it). Make it look as realistic as possible. Somewhere in the bottom portion of your advertisement, include a relevant sales promotion, such as a discount coupon (provide relevant details on the coupon).



Task 5:

London, Ontario, has several local and regional radio stations. Create a script for an effective 15-30 second radio advertisement for your landscape design business. Your advertisement must use both a push and pull strategy, to provide information but also attract/entice customers. Create the script using your imagination and creativity (do NOT use existing scripts from the internet). Record your script as an audio file (using your smartphone or a computer) and upload it to the FOL submissions page along with a written copy of your script.