HNSC 3342 – Management Strategies and Cost Control Principles


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: HNSC 3342
  • Course Title: Management for Food and Nutrition
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 9999+
  • University: University of Manitoba
  • Country: CA





Design a one-week menu for long-term care (LTC) home in Manitoba with a multicultural resident population. The LTC home provides specialized care to 150 residents with an average age of 82 years. The residents are primarily from Manitoba, but many immigrated to Canada many years ago from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, and Poland. They consider themselves a “meat and potatoes” group. This menu is used for residents on a regular diet. Please keep in mind that these foods should be common items that can be purchased in Winnipeg and must be included in a limited budget.

The assignment must include:

  1. A well-formatted, easy to follow the chart (see an example of a menu chart)
  2. Three meals each day- breakfast, lunch and supper (no snacks or alternate meals needed for this assignment). Do not include portion sizes.
  3. Foods appropriate for age, cultural needs, health and limited LTC food budget.
  4. Menu Planning Checklist :
  • A source of protein included at each meal
  • Plant-based protein entrees are included at least twice per week
  • Fish is included at least twice per week
  • A variety of dairy and non-dairy alternatives are offered throughout the menu
  • The menu includes at least one to two vegetables at each lunch and supper
  • The menu includes a variety of brightly coloured vegetables
  • Serve a minimum of three fruits each day in various forms (fresh, frozen, canned). Juice (100% fruit juice) can still be included in the menu, but it does not count towards this daily total of fruit.
  • Make at least half of the grain products whole grain each day when possible and appropriate
  • No repetition of the same food items or type of food on consecutive days of the menu week
  • Plate presentation has been considered (colour, texture, consistency, shape, flavour combinations, preparation and resident preferences).


1) Start your 7-day cycle menu by planning your entree items for each lunch and dinner meal and then follow with soups/sandwiches, veggies/sides, salads, desserts, bread, breakfast items and beverages.

2) Follow the “Menu Planning in Long Term Care with Canada’s Food Guide (2019).

3) Choose a variety of food items from each food grouping. Do not include the same food items or type of food on consecutive days of the week. Consider plate presentation in terms of colour, texture, consistency, shape, flavour combinations, preparation variety and client preferences.

4) When planning your menu, keep in mind your client base.

5) Be mindful of budget, but remember that you can use a variety of foods that have a wide price range as long as you end up with a balanced budget and a healthy, tasty menu.

6) Read over the assignment instructions carefully.