MBUS 51053 Assignment Guidelines on Business Statistics

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Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 4000


Guidance for Preparing the Assignment Report

This assignment is an individual assignment that assesses,

  • Students’ ability to analyze data using different types of inferential statistical tests such as parametric and non-parametric statistical
  • It evaluates the students’ ability for interpreting & reporting statistical results.


Students are provided the following Guidelines




1. Identify a contemporary issue or problem; Accounting / Finance related issue in your organization/Industry / Economy,
2. State key objective/s of the study,
3. Develop hypothesis/es or claims,
4. Select a suitable sample in order to collect relevant data using Primary or Secondary data collection method/s,
5. Design a questionnaire or schedule to collect data,
6. Design the SPSS variable view and feed data into SPSS
7. Select the appropriate statistical tests for the study based on the critical criteria of choosing the right statistical test,
8. Analyze the data using selected descriptive and Inferential statistical test/s,
9. Interpret SPSS outputs and test the hypotheses using the SPSS output,
10. Record the findings and conclusion,
11. Prepare a well-organized report (MS-Word document).



Structure of the Assignment Report (MS-Word document)
1. Title of the study,
2. Introduction; Problem, Objectives, Literature
3. Study-related variables; Dependent and Independent variables and variable identification,
4. Hypotheses(H0 and H1),
5. Population and sample of the study,
6. Sources of data and data collection methods/procedures,
7. The way and logic behind the process of choosing the right test/s or measure for analyzing and presenting data(Justify the reasons behind your selection),
8. Data analysis and presentation Structure of the Assignment Report ….
9. Interpretation of the results,
10. Conclusion, 11.Important References,
12. Annexures; Sample of the study, Database, Additional SPSS output..etc.
13. It should be an MS-Word document; Font: Times New Roman, Size : Text-12, Title- 14, Line Space:1.5, Maximum no. of pages: 30 (Excluding Annexures)
14. Sample Details, Questionnaire, SPSS Database, and SPSS output must be attached to the assignment.


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