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MBA 109 MBA–FM-DFM Financial Management


MBA 109 MBA–FM/DFM Financial Management


Internal Assignment No. 1


Q 1. Answer all the questions:


a.  What is risk? How do you distinguish between systematic and unsystematic risk?


b.  Define “Miller and Orr model” of cash management.


c.  State the features of money market.


d.  Define the significance of international finance management.


e.  State the relationship between BOP and national economy.


NOTE: Answer Any Two Questions. (1*5=5 Marks) (500 Words).


Q.2 what do you understand by “Financial Management”? Discuss its significance in Business Management.


Q.3  what is capital budgeting? Critically examine the various methods of evaluation of capital Budgeting proposals.


Q.4  Define dividend policy. Explain briefly the factors which affect the dividend policy of a firm.


Q.5  what is meant by inventory control? Explain the different costs associated with inventory.

Max. Marks: 15


Internal Assignment No. 2


Q 1. Answer all the questions.


a.  Differentiate “arbitration” and “speculation” in foreign exchange market.


b.  Define marginal cost of capital.


c.  Write a short note on JIT.


d.  What are the conditions for the redemption of redeemable preference share?


e.  Mention the different types of dividend paid by companies.


Note:   Answer all the questions.  (Word limits 500)


Q.6      Define cash management. Discuss in detail the factors that determine the needs cash of a firm.


Q.7      what is the importance of ratio analysis to management? Explain briefly any two ratios each for measuring:


i Profitability  ii. Liquidity


Q.8   Write short notes on:


a. Capital Redemption Reserve (CRR)


b. Weighted Average cost of capital


c. ABC analysis


d. Economic order quantity (EOQ)



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